Sing Along With Maswline(CD)


1 Our Madeline
2 At The Hotel Riche
3 I Will Make More Time In The Day
4 We Can Can Be Friends
5 Company, Company
6 We Can Make Our Own Fun
7 The Play's The Thing
8 The Boy Who Cried Wolf
9 Don't Look For Style In The Label
10 Jambo, Africa
11 What Would Paris Be Without The Eiffel Tower
12 We'll Always Be There For You
13 Long Live The King Of Chocolate
14 One Size Fits All
15 One Little Lie Leads To Another
16 Nobody's Better Than Me
17 Do The Job Together
18 You Can Never Run Out Of Love
19 Trick Or Treat
20 The Ants Are Coming
21 Everything But A Flea
22 His Bark Is Worse Than His Bite
23 Pleased To Meet You
24 Houdini's Secret
25 I've Always Dreamed Of Flying With Santa
26 Hope Is All You Need For Christmas
27 That's All There Is