Best Practices for Compound Delivery

『This internal manual details several varieties of mutagenic experiments, as well as describing the protocols used to concentrate mutagens for quicker results. The authors recommend that researchers ensure that their subjects are well-fed and in good health, as the concentrated serums draw heavily on subjects' bodies.』

対象スキル 料理
スキル要求値 8
スキル上昇限界 10
知性要求値 12
読書時間 45分
意欲増減 -4
レシピ数 19

変異原物質, 血清(変異原), 血清(植物), 血清(昆虫), 血清(蜘蛛),
血清(スライム), 血清(魚), 血清(鼠), 血清(野獣), 血清(熊), 血清(猫),
血清(狼), 血清(牛), 血清(頭足類), 血清(鳥), 血清(蜥蜴),
血清(真洞窟性動物), 血清(医療), 血清(浄化)


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