a skating program, like dance, is a series of mvmts and technical elements, such as jumps, spins and lifts.
the static mvmts of these mvmts alone is not [upto say?] the dance and program are piece of arts.
so when does these physical activities become artistry on ice ?
the artistry is created when mvmts are arranged [on] sequence with the purpose of communicating idea.
and coherent of [whole] becomes more important than each single mvmts

1:35 when mvmts and figures are rogically connected. a purpose of idea is presented.
The choreograpy creates a static mvmts [well] logically linking them in order to express an idea.
2:10: Choreograpy is the far more than simple combination of mvmts. it is what transforms elements into one artistic program.
2:55: in this DVD, we will cover these four main points for choreography:
purpose, structure/pattern, body design/dimention and music & mvmt phrasing.