Surveillance Report: The Desmond Files(監査レポート:デズモンド・ファイル)

File 30-58 // 1–31 October 2012 // 2012年10月1-31日

File 30 // 1 October 2012 // 2012年10月1日

Local Headlines(地元紙)


The Corriere di Monteriggioni reported a few articles concerning the events of the past month. A translation of the paper can be found below:


Violence on the rise in Monteriggioni(モンテリジョーニで暴力事件)

In the last month the flow of tourists has considerably increased, to the delight of merchants and landlords in the city. But not all that glitters is gold: over the last week there have been three burglaries and a fight between a British tourist and a worker of the place. What is happening to our peaceful community?


Explorers of graves grow(遺跡発掘家育つ)

Tuscany is a true paradise for archaeologists and restorers. This time, however, the shovels were taken up by some students from Monteriggioni, led by Professor Tresisani, who began to dig for buried treasure in courtyards.


The economic crises strikes our banks(経済危機が我々の銀行を襲う)

The Monte dei Paschi di Siena has recorded losses of € 1.6 billion in the first six months of 2012, but the oldest bank in the world is not the only one to suffer because of the economic crisis. Yesterday, the People's Bank of Monteriggioni revealed to be passive. What are the consequences?


A welcome return(帰国歓迎)

Professor Ilario Lannotti, brother of our esteemed councilor, spent several weeks at the University of California working on the ENCODE project. Now the professor has returned to hold a series of conferences in various Italian universities on the subject of new frontiers in DNA researching.


Wine sale advertisement(ワインセール広告)

At the Riva Wine Bar's - Deals
The best Tuscan wine at truly incredible prices. This week only!

リヴァ・ワイン・バー - お買い得情報

File 31 // 2 October 2012 // 2012年10月2日

Gare de Valence(ヴァランス駅)


At 2:28pm, William sent an SMS from the railway station in the town of Valence telling Harlan that he was "blending in southern France".


File 32 // 3 October 2012 // 2012年10月3日

Flughafen Zürich(チューリッヒ空港)


At 6:48pm, William sent Harlan an SMS message from Zurich Airport in Switzerland saying that William would see Adriano the following day.

午後6時48分 ウィリアムはスイス、チューリッヒ空港から明日アドリアーノと会うとハーランにSMSを送った。

File 33 // 4 October 2012 // 2012年10月4日

Hang In There(頑張ってくれたまえ)


At 8:00 pm, Warren Vidic sent Lucy an e-mail regarding Desmond's progress, using the name "William M." again.

午後8時、ウォーレン・ヴィディック博士は、「ウィリアム M.」の名前を使用して、再びルーシーにデズモンドの進捗についてメールを送信している。

File 34 // 5 October 2012 // 2012年10月5日

Roaming The High Seas(大海原をさまよう)


The following data was recorded from somewhere in the Pacific Ocean at 9:54pm.


Cell Tower Grid 31HP152EP
UTC 20121005T215438Z
[outgoing transmission]
[caller id = private]([発信者番号 = 非通知])
[-] Yes?
[+] William. Gav– [signal interrupted] –trouble reachi– [signal interrupted] –still off the– [signal interrupted] 
–wait– [signal interrupted]
(ウィリアム。ギャビ- [信号途絶] -をかけるな- [信号途絶] -黙って離れてそれ- [信号途絶] -待て- [信号途絶]) 
[-] Hello? Gavin?
[+] [static] Hold on. [static] I'm back. Hello? Can you hear me?
([雑音] まだ切るな [雑音] もしもし?俺の声が聞こえてるか?)
[-] Yes. Much better, thanks. What's going on?
[+] You know, roaming the high seas, plundering and pillaging, a girl in every port. That sort of thing. 
Just calling to give you an update. It's been too long.
[-] It has. Adriano kept me in the loop. No news from our friends down under?
[+] No good news, if that's what you mean. We had time to check  things out. I... I did it myself, Bill. 
[pause] They've all been eliminated.
(それならお前の思う良い知らせはない。行ってみたんだが、自分自身でな…ビル。[間] 彼らは全員排除された。)
[-] Shit! [pause] What about Osaka?
(クソッ! [間] 大阪は?)
[+] The team lost their tail and made contact, as planned. Secured a new safe house yesterday... 
Well, not quite new. We haven't used that one in a while. You know the place. You've been there before, in '98.
[-] Right. Glad to hear it.
[+] As for Moscow, they're still searching.
[-] Let's hope this isn't a dead end.
[+] Keeping our fingers crossed. It's a promising lead, Bill. Give them time. What's the word on your end? 
[-] He's fine. His condition has much improved. He swears he feels 20 years younger.
[+] Good.
[-] I'm with his cell now. We're safe and sound. Monitoring the team. They're still at the Villa, 
but they've made unbelievable progress. You wouldn't believe it, Gavin. I'll send you a full report.
[+] Perfect.
[-] Keep this to yourselves for now. The last thing we want... Well, you know.
[+] Of course.
[-] Alright. Thanks for calling. I'll talk to you soon, old friend.
[+] Take care, Bill.
[-] Happy plundering.

File 35 // 6 October 2012 // 2012年10月6日

With The Others(他の味方)



At 10:59 pm, William Miles sent Shaun an e-mail with an update concerning several Assassin teams across the globe.

午後10時59分 ウィリアムは、ショーンに世界中に存在する他のアサシンチームに関する最新情報をメールで送った。

File 36 // 8 October 2012 // 2012年10月8日

More Headlines(多くの見出し)


The Corriere di Monteriggioni reported a few more articles concerning the events of the past week. A translation of the paper can be found below:

コリエーレ・ディ・モンテリジョーニ紙(Corriere di Monteriggioni)は、この一週間の出来事について報じている。以下はその翻訳である:

Medici Week(メディチ・ウィーク)

by Antonio Russo


In order to celebrate the issuing of a postage stamp depicting Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici, the city council, in collaboration with local artists and craftsmen, invites you to the Medici Week, a series of events dedicated to Renaissance and contemporary art.


The future of ice cream(アイスクリームの未来)

As we approach the opening of the first museum dedicated to ice-cream, the result is a true revolution in taste. In fact, in flavors! A new generation of ice-cream makers in town has indeed decided to challenge tradition, creating ice cream with gorgonzola cheese, green pepper and even lobster and vodka. Which will you choose?


Villa Auditore for sale?(ヴィラ・アウディトーレ売却か?)

The historic villa, acquired in the fourteenth century by Domenico Auditore, has belonged to his heirs until the turn of the sixteenth century. Since then, it has fallen into disrepair, but signs of recent activity suggest that it may be for sale. Even Villa Auditore will end up in foreign hands?


Herne+ Advertisement(ヘルネ+ 広告欄)

Energy supplement without aromas or taste: the push you need to get out of the ordinary!


Powered by Abstergo.



The following data was recorded from a cell phone tower near from Monteriggioni at 10:51pm.


Cell Tower Grid 43KP11EP
UTC 20121008T225106Z
[outgoing transmission]([外部への送信])
[caller id = stillman, lucy](発信者番号 = スティルマン, ルーシー)
[-] You have reached the office of Doctor Warren Vidic. At the tone, please leave a message. For more options, 
press 1. [bip]
[+] It's Lucy. I realize this is a security breach, but we can't keep Desmond in the Animus forever. 
If we push too hard I fear for him. Maybe not for his life, but his sanity. I don't think I can handle another 16. 
Please, get back to me.