Surveillance Report: The Desmond Files(監査レポート:デズモンド・ファイル)

File 01-29 // 1-30 September 2012 // 2012年9月1-30日

File 01 // 1 September 2012 // 2012年9月1日


The following data was recorded from a cell phone tower near Washington Square Park in New York City at 4:02am.


Cell Tower Grid 40SP73ZN
UTC 20120901T040224Z
[outgoing transmission]([外部への送信])
[caller id = private]([発信者番号 = 非通知])
[-] [interference]([混信])
[+] ...Yes, sir. (了解。)
[+] We have him. (我々は彼を捕らえた。)
[-] [reply scrambled]([データスクランブル])
[+] Yes. Shoving him in the van as we speak, sir.(そうだ。奴をバンに押し込みながら話してる。)
[+] Target will be delivered on schedule.(計画通りターゲットは護送される。)
[transmission ends]([通話終了])




Security camera footage from Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn at 4:37am showed that Abstergo agents had captured an unidentified Caucasian male, in his mid-twenties, approximately 6' tall and weighing 190 lbs. Their destination was unknown.

午前4時37分、ブルックリン、フロイド・ベネット・フィールドの監視カメラが、20代半ばの男性を捕らえる正体不明の白人で組織されたアブスターゴエージェントらを撮らえた。 捕らえられている男性の身長は約6フィート(約183cm)で、体重約190ポンド(約72.6kg) 彼らの目的地は不明。

Unmarked Hangar(捕捉されない着陸地点)


The Abstergo agents landed in Ciampino, Italy, at 6:44pm. They were seen moving the captive, who was identified as Desmond Miles, into a car.


Abstergo Campus(アブスターゴの研究施設)

Desmond was brought to the Abstergo campus in Rome, Italy at 7:37pm. Scramblers from the Akashic Satellite Plexus prevented satellite imagery from pinpointing the campus' various facilities, and the extraction of geographical coordinates.

アカシック・サテライト・プレクサス(注釈:Akashic Satellite Plexus アブスターゴの宇宙衛星網)からの妨害により研究施設の衛星画像の撮影、正確な地理座標の取得が妨害されている。

File 02 // 2 September 2012 // 2012年9月2日

Animus Explained(アニムスについて説明される)



Assassin's Creed Initiates - Animus Explained(アニムスについて説明される)

At about 10:17am, Dr. Warren Vidic explained the various functions of the Animus to Desmond, leaving out the mention of any potential side effects that may occur as a result of its use.


The Farm(ファーム)

Assassin's Creed Initiates - The Farm(ファーム)

At 5:53pm, Desmond confided to Lucy Stillman that his parents raised him in an isolated community of Assassins simply called "the Farm". He likened the Farm to a prison where he had felt trapped and cut off from the rest of the world - a life that he resented and eventually ran away from when he was 16.


File 03 // 3 September 2012 // 2012年9月3日

Preliminary Analysis(予備分析)


At 11:24am, the results of Desmond's medical examination came up, with the medical examiner, Dr. Damian Saravakos, reporting that no problems had been found, consequently clearing "Subject 17" for continued study.


File 04 // 4 September 2012 // 2012年9月4日

Access Codes(アクセスコード)

Assassin's Creed Initiates - Access Codes(アクセスコード)

Desmond found access codes which allowed him to leave his cell. This led him to discover Lucy's pen, which he later used to access her e-mail.


File 05 // 5 September 2012 // 2012年9月5日

Case File #1394(ケースファイル #1394)


On the 4th and 5 September 2012, Lucy Stillman sent a number of e-mails to various Abstergo employees, regarding the alleged suicide of Leila Marino in 2007.


The Mole(二重スパイ)

The following data was recorded from a cell phone tower in Florence, Italy at 10:15pm.


Cell Tower Grid 43TP11FP
UTC 20120905T221514Z
[outgoing transmission]([外部への送信])
[caller id = maestranzi, adriano]([発信者番号 = マエストランジ,アドリアーノ])
[-] William speaking.
[+] Desmond is in Rome.
[-] Yes, I know. My mole confirmed it.
[+] What should we do?
[-] Everything is under control. My agent will ensure his protection.
[+] I have a team ready, I'll–
[-] Negative. Do not intervene. I repeat: Do not intervene.
[transmission ends]([通信終了])

File 06 // 6 September 2012 // 2012年9月6日

Coded Message(暗号化されたメッセージ)


Lucy was able to bypass Abstergo's security system and message the Assassins, asking for help. Moments later, at 8:25am, she received a coded reply from an unknown Assassin contact which read "We will be there soon" when deciphered.

ルーシーはアブスターゴのセキュリティシステムを迂回してアサシンにメッセージを送り、助けを求める。しばらくして、午後8時25分に彼女は見知らぬアサシンの連絡先から暗号化されたメッセージを受け取り、解読するとそれは「我々はすぐそこにいる(We will be there soon.)」と読めた。

File 07 // 7 September 2012 // 2012年9月7日

Rescue Attempt(救出の試み)

Assassin's Creed Initiates - Rescue Attempt(救出の試み)

At about 6:49pm, a team of Assassins attempted to rescue Desmond, but were neutralized after a firefight with Abstergo security personnel. Vidic questioned Desmond about their presence, to which Desmond denied any involvement.


After the team had been neutralized, Desmond mocked Vidic's temporary anxiety, stating that the facility may not have been as secure as they anticipated. However, Vidic revealed that over the course of the past year, the Templars had been busy hunting down the remnants of the Assassin Order, revealing that most of them had been wiped out, and that Desmond was on his own.


File 08 // 8 September 2012 // 2012年9月8日

Eagle Vision(鷹の目)

Assassin's Creed Initiates - Eagle Vision(タカの目)

After Desmond was done reliving the memories of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad at about 5:18pm, he exited the Animus, and soon afterwards, discovered he had unlocked a unique trait his ancestor had once possessed.


Escape From Abstergo(アブスターゴからの脱出)

Assassin's Creed Initiates - Escape from Abstergo(アブスターゴからの脱出)

At 6:21pm, Desmond, with the aid of Lucy, escaped the Abstergo research facility. As they made their way out, Desmond noticed Lucy taking out several guards with ease – a consequence of her training as an Assassin.


Along the way, they reached a door which required a code to allow them to proceed. Using his newfound gift, Desmond found the code, and the two were successful in their escape.


File 09 // 9 September 2012 // 2012年9月9日

Assassin's Hideout(アサシンの隠れ家)

Animus 2.0の外観が見える

Animus 2.0のアップ


At 12:38pm, Lucy and Desmond arrived at an Assassin safe house in Rome, located within the Tor Tre Teste industrial zone.


File 10 // 10 September 2012 // 2012年9月10日

Failure To Report(報告がない)

The following data was recorded from a cell phone tower in Brisbane, Australia, at 10:14pm.


Cell Tower Grid 27LN153AP
UTC 20120910T221401Z
[outgoing transmission]([外部への送信])
[caller id = public phone]([発信者番号 = 公衆電話])
[-] What the hell do you mean?
[+] You heard me, Gavin. The team failed to report. Again. This is–
[-] When did you last heard from them?
[+] Didn't you get my last em–
[-] When?
[+] Three days. [pause] Over three days ago. Gavin I–
[-] Listen, and listen carefully. We have to move fast. First, keep 
only the most vital data. Destroy the rest. Leave no trace. You know 
the drill. Second, secure transport. Third, get to the–
[signal interrupted]([通信途絶])

File 11 // 11 September 2012 // 2012年9月11日

Bleeding Effect(流入現象)

Assassin's Creed Initiates - Bleeding Effect(流入現象)

Desmond discovered that prolonged exposure to the Animus could cause serious side effects, known as the Bleeding Effect.


While this could be detrimental to an Animus subject's health, in theory, it could also be beneficial by allowing them to acquire the knowledge and the skills of their ancestors.


File 12 // 12 September 2012 // 2012年9月12日


The following data was recorded from a cell phone tower in Whistler, Canada, at 9:21am from a phone call between Gavin and Janice.


Cell Tower Grid 50DP122ZN
UTC 20120912T092116Z
[outgoing transmission]([外部への送信])
[caller id = private]([発信者番号 = 非通知])
[-] [interference]([通信干渉])
[+] Yes, my source confirmed it. As I said, I'll need more men.
[-] I understand, but we can't send anyone. Our forces are already spread too thin.
[+] But–
[-] There's no one near your position.
[+] Damn it! Listen, Gavin! That's not even close to acceptable. I've only two operatives here with me. We can't–
[-] Alright. [pause] Alright. I'll do what I can. But it will take a while for anyone to reach you.
(よしわかった。[間] いいだろう。できるだけのことはする。だが誰かがそちらに着くまですこし時間がかかる。)
[+] Hold on! Someone's outside– [sound of breaking and entering]
[-] What's going on?
[+] [a scream in the distance]
[-] Janice?
[+] [distant] Who– No! Oh god no! [sound of gunshot]
([遠くから聞こえる音声] 誰?いや!やめて! [銃声])
[-] Janice? Janice!
[+] [a new voice, far away] Secure the area. Make sure there's no survivors.
([遠くから聞こえる別人の声] エリア確保。生存者をがいないか確かめろ。)
[white noise]([ホワイトノイズ])

File 13 // 13 September 2012 // 2012年9月13日

Lost Teams(失われたチーム)

Assassin's Creed Initiates - Teams Lost(失われたチーム)

At around 7:34pm, Lucy told Desmond that two more Assassin teams had been lost the preceding night, referring to a team in Whistler, British Columbia and an unidentified one. Altogether, 8 Assassins were believed to have been killed, though the circumstances surrounding the latter team were unknown.


Missing Person Poster(行方不明者のポスター)


Friends of Desmond distributed missing person posters all over New York City, requesting any information that would aid them in finding him.


File 14 // 14 September 2012 // 2012年9月14日


At 11:17am, in Florence, Adriano Maestranzi sent an e-mail to William Miles, cryptically referring to at least one survivor from the attack on the Assassin team in Whistler, British Columbia.


File 15 // 15 September 2012 // 2012年9月15日

Under Attack(襲撃を受ける)

At 9:09pm, an Abstergo assault team led by Dr. Warren Vidic stormed the Assassin hideout in Rome. Though Desmond and Lucy repelled the attackers, the Assassins were forced to abandon their compromised base.


Cabin In The North(北部の小屋)

Within minutes, Lucy's team headed north to the Italian border, bound for a cabin in the Swiss Alps.


The isolated location had been used by the Brotherhood as a base for two centuries, including during World War II, when Assassins aided local Maquis cells in their resistance against the Germans.


File 16 // 16 September 2012 // 2012年9月16日


At 1:01am, a roadblock set up by the State Police in Grosseto, Italy forced Lucy's team to change destinations.


Lucy: Shit! There's a roadblock up ahead. They must have known we'd go north.
Desmond: Where exactly are we?
Rebecca: Check the map. Is there anywhere safe we can set up the equipment?
 Someplace with good cover? A cave, anything.
Shaun: No, there's nothing around here for– Hello. Take E78.
Lucy: What–
Shaun: This exit. Turn!
Lucy: I hope you actually have a plan.
Shaun: Wait until you see where I'm taking you.

The Sanctuary(聖域)

Two hours later, Lucy's team arrived in Monteriggioni, north of Grosseto. They set up a new headquarters in the underground Sanctuary beneath the Villa Auditore, where the old Assassin stronghold's thick walls blocked all electronic signals and shielded them from detection.


File 17 // 17 September 2012 // 2012年9月17日


At 12:08pm, in Florence, Italy, Adriano sent another e-mail to William Miles, stating that his "associate" had returned safely, and cryptically referring to the attack in Whistler being led by Daniel Cross.


File 18 // 18 September 2012 // 2012年9月18日

Animus Recordings(アニムスの記録)

Animus 1.0のコア

Recordings of Desmond's sessions in the Animus were found in the abandoned Assassin hideout by Abstergo security personnel.


Brain Implant(脳への刷り込み)



At 10:06am, in Monterey Bay, California, R. e-mailed V. asking whether a scientific study that was published in a neural engineering journal and reported in an Australian newspaper had anything to do with their recently escaped subject.


V. replied within the hour, assuring R. that the study was unrelated, and actually far behind the breakthroughs that their own project had reached.


File 19 // 19 September 2012 // 2012年9月19日

Off The Grid(監視のすり抜け)


At 7:06pm, in Florence, Adriano received an e-mail from William that referred to Lucy's team having inopportunely gone dark. William instructed Maestranzi that he should call William if he heard from "[their] Rome sales team", as he needed to talk to them.


File 20 // 20 September 2012 // 2012年9月20日

Signal Detected(信号検出)


At 3:03am, a mobile phone signal emanating from cell tower grid 43KP11FP in Monteriggioni was detected.


File 21 // 21 September 2012 // 2012年9月21日

Abstergo's Top Operative(アブスターゴのトップ工作員)

At 5:52pm, the following data was recorded from a cell phone tower in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the USA.


Cell Tower Grid 39YP75EN
UTC 20120921T175228Z
[outgoing transmission]
[caller id = private]([発信番号 = 非通知])
[-] This isn't a good time, Daniel.
[+] It can't wait.
[-] You already said that to the receptionist.
[+] Yeah, well, you know why I'm calling, don't you.
[-] I don't have time to play 20 Questions now, Daniel.
[+] I know you lost him.
[-] Do you?
[+] Don't do this to me, Warren.
[-] Alright. You know. Who told you?
[+] Never mind that. I have my sources. When were you planning on telling me?
[-] Telling you? This has nothing to do with you.
[+] Nothing to– Damn it, Warren! I'm the one who delivered him. Right into your lap! 
Without me you'd never have found him.
[-] [silence] ([沈黙])
[+] And a week later you lost him... Then failed to get him back. And you personally took part in the assault! 
What the hell's going on?
[-] Desmond Miles is not your problem. He is mine.
[+] Yeah, I'm sure he is. Great job at the hideout, by the way. At least you survived. 
That's something, I guess.
[-] [sigh] I'm getting tired of this, Daniel. I'm hanging up now.
([ため息] うんざりするよ、ダニエル。もう切るぞ。)
[+] Wait! I'm coming to Rome. I'll get him back for you.
[-] You will do no such thing.
[+] But–
[-] I'll have need of you soon, Daniel. For now, just hang tight.
[+] Warren–
[-] The situation is under control. Trust me.
[+] Trust you. Right. OK... I trust you.
[-] Goodbye, Daniel.
[+] Yeah, goodb–
[signal interrupted]([通話終了])

File 22 // 22 September 2012 // 2012年9月22日



At 4:05pm, in Monteriggioni, Desmond received an e-mail from Erudito that contained the passwords to his teammates' e-mail accounts, and also advised him to "stay in the loop".


File 23 // 23 September 2012 // 2012年9月23日

Assignment In Denver(デンバーでの任務)

The following data was recorded from a cell phone tower in Philadelphia, at 7:19pm.


Cell Tower Grid 39YP75DN
UTC 20120923T191911Z
[incoming transmission]
[caller id = private]([発信番号 = 非通知])
[+] Cross.
[-] Daniel, I'm glad I caught you.
[+] Doc? Is that you?
[-] Yes, I–
[+] I know, I know. You miss me too much. You can’t bear the thought of spending another minute without me in 
your life.
[-] I–
[+] Alright, alright... I know why you’re calling. I’m sorry I missed our last appointment. Couldn’t be helped. 
I’ll be there next week, OK?
[-] That’s not why I called.
[+] It’s not? Then you really do miss me!
[-] This is serious.
[+] You’re breaking my heart, Doc. You know that. Breaking my heart.
[-] [pause] Tell me, Daniel. How are you feeling?
([間] 少し話そうダニエル、気分はどうだい?)
[+] Swell. Just swell. Things were real bad for a while you know, after the incident, but I’m fine now. 
Thanks to you. You needn’t worry.
[-] I heard you refused to go on assignment.
[+] [silence]([沈黙])
[-] This isn’t like you–
[+] Yeah, well, I’m not going back there.
[-] Back where?
[+] Denver! The bastard’s want to send me back to Denver! Can you believe that? After what happened...
 I’m never setting foot in that place again.
[-] But y– (しかし、きみ...)
[+] You heard me, Doc. Never! 
[-] They need you. They really n–
[+] Never! [pause] Never again... Never again...
(戻らないぞ! [間] 二度とな…二度と...)

File 24 // 25 September 2012 // 2012年9月25日

Walk In Town(街を歩く)


At 10:45pm, a photograph of Rebecca Crane buying supplies in Monteriggioni was taken by an unknown person.


File 25 // 26 September 2012 // 2012年9月26日



At 11:30pm, Lucy received an e-mail from Warren Vidic, posing as William Miles, in response to her concerns about the Bleeding effect on Desmond.


File 26 // 27 September 2012 // 2012年9月27日



At 4:05am, Rebecca e-mailed her teammates to warn them about an unmarked van she had noticed in Monteriggioni, that may have been keeping the Assassin team under surveillance.





At 9:01pm, Shaun Hastings received an e-mail from William Miles that contained updates on the status of Assassin teams in Moscow, São Paulo, Osaka and Denver.


File 27 // 28 September 2012 // 2012年9月28日

The Iron Man(鉄の男)



At 1:13pm, R. sent an e-mail to Erica Nichols in Washington, D.C. that commended her after The Guardian published an article about an unusual iron statue of the Buddhist deity Vaisravana.


The article claimed that the 1,000-year-old statue was carved from a rare meteorite that fell to Earth between 10,000 and 20,000 years ago. The statue was looted from Tibet before World War II by Adolf Hitler's SS, but resurfaced in 2007. Also noted on the e-mail were Nancy Nilop and E., whom R. reminded to "get it back".


File 28 // 29 September 2012 // 2012年9月29日

Italian Ape(イタリアの猿ども)




In Monteriggioni, Shaun and Lucy had an exchange of e-mails concerning his reluctance for further interaction with the local residents.


File 29 // 30 September 2012 // 2012年9月30日

Heathrow Airport(ロンドン・ヒースロー空港)


After William arrived at London Heathrow Airport, he received an SMS message from Harlan T. Cunningham. William mentioned that he was heading for France, and asked for the message to be passed onto Adriano.