Hatham Kenway(ヘイザム・ケンウェイ)

Hatham Kenway (1725-1781), a principled man and formidable Templer, found him self on the wrong side of both history and his son.


Haytham's father was Edward Kenway, who trained him with a secret purpose. But one day, young haytham's home was burned, his half-sister taken, and his father
killed. Reginald Birch, a family friend, revealed he was a Templar and offered to help.


Years passed and Haytham became a ruthless and efficient killer for the Templars. He was sent to the colonies to establish order and find a crucial First Civilization site.
He secured the assistance of Kanien'kehá:ka natives by freeing several captives, including Zio, with whom he had an ill-fated but passionate affair.


When Haytham found his sister, she revealed that the Templars were behind the attack on his home. Edward had been an Assassin, and Birch had him killed for his secrets.
Once Birch was dead, Haytham returned to his role, disillusioned by Templar corruption.


Haytham wanted to control the growing American Revolution, but the half-native Assassin Conner sabotaged his efforts. Haytham realized Conner was his son with Zio, and while he tried to find common ground, he know reconciliation was impossible. Haytham fell to his son's Hidden Blade.