Edward Kenway(エドワード・ケンウェイ)

Edward James Kenway (1693-1735) was a pirate trained by Assassin whose dream of making something of himself came true in a way he never could have imagined.


Edward was born in Swansea, Wales and at the age of ten his family relocated to a farm in Bristol. This pastoral life did not agree with the young Edward who became a well-known troublemaker by the time he was in his teens. At 17, this reckless young man met Caroline Scott and year later they were married, much to her well-bred family's dismay. Edward was committed to providing for his new wife, but quickly fell back into his old habits. in a desperate attempt to get rich, he clung to a dream of privateering.
Caroline left him soon after, knowing that she could not persuade him to stay.


Across the Atlantic, Edward Thatch, who would later take the name of Blackbeard, at Nassau.
Although he loved the carefree life of a pirate, Caroline was never far from his thoughts, and he still sought out a way to earn big and win her back.


And then one day, Edward Kenway met an Assassin named Duncan Walpole...


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