Blackbeard (c.1680-1718) was the most famous pirate of the Golden Age and is credited for creating the fearsome image of the pirate that remains in the public consciousness to this very day.


Edward Teach was born in or around Bristol in 1680 and took to the sea in his early teens. Teach was known by many names throughout history, among them Teach,
Theach, Tach, Titch, Teatch, and Tack, to name but a few. He was likely a privateer between the years of 1700 and 1713, but once the Treaty of Utrecht restored peace between England and several European powers, Thatch found himself as one of hundreds of unemployed sailors.

エドワード・サッチは、1680年にブリストルの中心部で生まれ、早くも10代で他の若者たちと海に繰り出した。彼は、歴史を通してサッチとして広く知られていたが、他にもTheach、Tach、Titch、 Teatch、そして、Tackなどいくつかの名前で知られていた。

Soon thereafter, Thatch befriended Benjamin Hornigold and sailed with him for a few years before they settled in Nassau. There, they began to hatch schemes for nothing less than their own sovereign nation built around their new piratical values.


In 1717, after growing a long black beard, Thatch began to refer to himself as Blackbeard, and so a legend was born.