Ezio Auditore Da Firenze(エツィオ・アウディトーレ・ダ・フィレンツェ)

Ezio's privileged life vanished when Templar conspirators hanged his father and brothers. Taking up arms left to him by his father, he become an outlaw and traveled to Monteriggioni, where his Uncle Mario revealed his Assassin lineage. Ezio took up their cause, at first to protect his surviving family, but eventually to free Italy from Templar corruption in the from of the Borgias and their allies.


Defeating the Borgias took many years, during which he befriended such luminaries as Leonard da Vinci and Niccolo Machiavelli. They saw his potential and encouraged him to find his own path, and when he became the Brotherhood's Mentor he taught others the same.


Later, Ezio traveled to the Middle East in search of Altaïr's lost library and the origins of the Assassins. he learned that his purpose was to be a conduit between an ancient civilization and a man in to the future named Desmond. His duty done, Ezio retired from the Brotherhood, married his love, and raised a family before dying content.


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